adattatore HDD IDE per notebook HP nx 9100

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  • adattatore HDD IDE per notebook HP nx 9100
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Product descriptionHard Drive Connector IDE 
For HP NX9100 NX9105 NX9110 NX7000 R3000, ecc. 
Toshiba P25, ecc 

2.5" IDE Laptop Harddrive, Any Capacity 

Compatibile con:

Compaq NX Series:
NX7000 NX7010 NX9100 NX9105 NX9110

Compaq Presario R3000 Series:
R3000 R3000T R3000Z R3002US R3003AP R3003US R3004AP R3004US R3005AP R3005US
R3007AP R3009AP R3017AP R3018AP R3019AP R3030EA R3038CL R3050US R3056RS R3060EA
R3060US R3070US R3120US R3137EA R3140US R3150US R3190EA R3190US R3200 R3200CA
R3202US R3203US R3210US R3220CA R3230US R3240US R3247US R3260US R3290US

Compaq Presario X1000 Series:
X1000 X1097AP X1099AP X1155EA X1200 X1242AP X1300 X1370US X1390US X1460CA X1480

HP Pavilion Series:
zt3000 zt3068CL zt3170US zt3201AP zt3250 zt3280US zt3380US
zv5000 zv5000T zv5000z zv5001US zv5002US zv5003AP zv5004AP zv5005AP zv5010AP
zv5012AP zv5015AP zv5021AP zv5029AP zv5030CA zv5030US zv5034US zv5037WM zv5045EA
zv5101US zv5103AP zv5103US zv5105US zv5120CA zv5120US zv5126EA zv5143EA zv5160CA
zv5160US zv5161EA zv5173EA zv5185EA zv5191EA zv5200 zv5200T zv5201US zv5210ca
zv5210us zv5220US zv5240us zv5242QV zv5247LA zv5255US zv5257LA zv5270US zv5277LA
zv5290EA zv5300 zv5400
zx5000 zx5040 zx5065US zx5070US zx5078cl zx5200 zx5280US

Toshiba Satellite Series:
P25 Series
1905 1955
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