cartuccia backup DLT VS80 HP C4151f

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  • cartuccia backup DLT VS80 HP C4151f
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Product description
HP C4151f
Cartuccia Backup DDS DLT VS80 da 40/80Gb
nuova, imballata.

HP C5141F
HP DLT IV (40/70/80 GB) (TK88) Data Cartridge Superior performance and capacity for high-performance servers.

For customers with high-end servers and many database applications servers who are experiencing high-capacity growth and constraints on backup windows.

Key Points:
  • HP limited lifetime warranty.
  • Using HP media with HP drives ensures a complete solution fully supported by HP.
  • HP DLT hardware and media complement one another to create an exceptionally reliable backup solution.
  • Thirty-year archival life.
  • Proven performance for up to one million read/write passes.
  • Rigorously tested for optimal reliability and data integrity.

OEM Number: C5141F 
UPC: 8869814390


  • DLT8000 Drive Compatibility: 40GB (native) / 80GB (compressed)
  • DLT7000 Drive Compatibility: 35GB (Native) / 70GB (Compressed)
  • DLT4000 Drive Compatibility: 20GB (Native) / 40GB (Compressed)
  • DLT1 Drive Compatibility: 40GB (Native) / 80GB (Compressed)
  • Lowered error rates
  • Lower head wear, raised head durability
  • High-speed data retrieval
  • Backward read compatible with SuperDLT tape drives
  • 30 year archival life
  • 1,000,000 head pass durability
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