alimentatore ATX 145W FSP145-61GN

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  • alimentatore ATX 145W FSP145-61GN
  • alimentatore ATX 145W FSP145-61GN
  • alimentatore ATX 145W FSP145-61GN
  • alimentatore ATX 145W FSP145-61GN
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Product descriptionAlimentatore Full Brand di alta qualità interno per PC desktop

Fortron Source ATX 145w Power Supply FSP145-61GN 

Product Details:
1 x 20-pin ATX Power Connector (Connects directly to the motherboard)
3 x Molex Connector (Hard Drives etc)
1 x 4-pin Berg Connector (Floppy Drives etc)
Separate Power Out connector for monitors etc
Dimensions 150mm x 140mm x 85mm
For help in identifying your power supply connectors please use the following guide:
20 Pin Molex ATX Power Connector20-pin ATX Connector – 2 rows of 10 pins that connect straight to the motherboard.
24-pin ATX - 2 Connector - Same as a 20 Pin Connector but with an extra 4 pins - 2 Rows of 12 pins that connect straight to the motherboard.
12-pin AT Connectors – 2 separate plugs of 6 pins that plug into a 12 pin socket on the motherboard
4 Pin Molex P4 12V Power Connector 
4 Pin Molex P4 Connector – A square plug that connects direct to the motherboard, used specifically for P4 motherboards -
Intergrated directly into the pwer connector for an ATX-2 (Normally 2 yellow wires and 2 black wires).
6 Pin AUX Connector 
6-pin Aux Connector – 1 row of 6 pins that normally connects directly to your motherboard 
(Normally 3 black wires, 2 orange wires and 1 red wire. Dell Power supply supplies sometimes have 3 back and 3 blue/white wires instead)
4 Pin Molex Connector 
4 Pin Molex Connectors – 
These are for supplying power to your Hard Drives and Optical Drives (CD/DVD) and occasionally to some motherboards and graphic cards for additional power. 
(Normally 2 red, 4 black and 2 yellow wires and the last
Molex connector on the circuit will only 
1 red, 2 black and 1 yellow wire) Some Dell power supplies have short stubby
Molexes – but function in the same way as the normal ones.
Multi Pin Connectors - These are for the later SATA Hard Drives.
4 Pin Berg Connector 
4 Pin Berg Connector – 
These are for supplying power to small form factors such as your floppy drive – they normally spur of a Molex connector. (normally 1 red, 2 black and 1 yellow wire)
Some of the older AT power supplys have a separate power supply direct from the PSU to the On/Off Switch – these are normally 1 white, 1 black, 1 blue and 1 brown wire.
Occasionally there are other ones that are unique to a particular function - normally additional hardware.
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